Urban Lofts Townhomes Warranty Information

We at Urban Lofts Townhomes appreciate your business and want to make your new home ownership an enjoyable experience. After you select an Urban Lofts home, we will give you a copy of our limited, one-year warranty and discuss it with you. The warranty is nontransferable, terminating if the property is sold or no longer occupied by the homeowner to whom it was originally sold. Many items are covered for one year against defects, provided that the owner act responsibly and maintain these items as spelled out in the warranty.

Every homeowner should conduct a yearly observation of foundations and flatworks and do any maintenance necessary to improve drainage and minimize infiltration of water from the rain and lawn watering. This is especially important during the first 10 years of a newly built home, because this is usually when the most severe adjustments between the new construction and its environment take place.

Shrinkage of the wood members of your home is inevitable. In fact, all building materials are subject to expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperature and humidity. This results in small cracks in drywall and paint, especially where moldings meet drywall, at mitered corners and where the grout meets the tub. In most cases, paint and caulking can be used to conceal this minor evidence of a natural occurrence.

Ten Most Common Items Not Covered by the Warranty

  1. Drywall nail pops or Sheetrock cracks less than ⅛ inch wide. Normal settling will produce some Sheetrock cracks.
  2. Concrete cracks less than ¼” in width or vertical displacement.
  3. Maintenance of all caulking, paint, stain or varnish.
  4. Maintenance of all tile, grout, Formica or marble tops (scratches, cracks or chips)
  5. Scratched glass. Glass may show some defects in direct sunlight. Take care when using a sharp or abrasive object to clean windows.
  6. Cracks less than ⅜ inch in width at any masonry joints.
  7. Condensation or mildew at windows, walls or bath fixtures.
  8. Visible seams, wear marks or fading in carpet.
  9. Drainage or landscaping. Trees, shrubs and sod will die if not properly watered or fertilized.
  10. Cuts and scratches in wood floors. Sharp objects such as tables, chairs, refrigerators or high heels can scratch or dent wood floors.

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