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Broadcast Clip: KCLV

KCLV, Channel 2, Las Vegas, Nevada

April 25, 2007

Las Vegas television station KCLV profiles Urban Lofts Townhomes. Video features interviews with Larry S. Davis, president of Urban Lofts, and Oscar Goodman, then mayor of Las Vegas.

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Broadcast Clip: KTNV

KTNV, Channel 13, Las Vegas, Nevada

August 18, 2005

Las Vegas ABC-affiliated television station KTNV announces the groundbreaking for Urban Lofts’ Eleventh Street Lofts Townhomes project.

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Broadcast Clip: KCLV

KCLV, Channel 2, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas television station KCLV profiles Urban Lofts Townhomes with an interview with Larry S. Davis, president.

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Towers web site screen shot

The Cedars: Urban Industrial ‘Loft-Style’


by Adolfo Pesquera

Excerpt: “[Urban Lofts Townhomes] has been colonizing Dallas of late with great success. Founded by Houston architect Larry S. Davis, Urban Lofts distinguishes itself with a flare for modern contemporary designs.”

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Downtown Ambition

Las Vegas Review-Journal

by Hubble Smith

Excerpt: “Developer Larry Davis of Houston-based Urban Lofts Townhomes…wants to provide attainable housing in an area of Las Vegas that many local residents scoff at.”

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Life in the Fast Lane

Houston Chronicle

by Lisa Gray

Excerpt: “Developer Larry Davis appreciates a good freeway lot. The founder of Urban Lofts, he's built alongside several freeways.”

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Fremont Street Lofts Groundbreaking

Remarks by Larry S. Davis, president of Urban Lofts Townhomes

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Tin Homes for Teachers

Las Vegas Sun

by Mark Hansel

Excerpt: “A housing developer hopes to help the Clark County School District lure teachers to the Silver State by offering an investment in a less-precious metal—tin.”

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Third Ward property values are soaring, joint study says

Houston Chronicle

by M. Madere

Excerpt: “After decades of challenging times, the neighborhood began a renaissance in the late 1990s. Today, the Third Ward, with its heartbeat-of-the-city location, is seeing its property values soar.”

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