Fremont Street Lofts Groundbreaking

Remarks by Larry S. Davis, president of Urban Lofts Townhomes

Good Afternoon!

First of all, I want to thank the great Mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman, for honoring us this afternoon with his presence. I think we can truly say that without his encouragement and vision, we might not be here today.

Even us TEXANS are well aware of what he has done for the city of Las Vegas!

A special thank you to Mayor Pro Tem Councilman Gary Reese and his team for their support of our developments in Ward 3.

Thank you to Margo Wheeler (Director of Planning) and all of the men and women in the planning and engineering departments who have assisted us in working with their city.

A SINCERE thanks to all of you!

Urban Lofts Townhomes® is an innovative, contemporary company and have many things in common with the City of Las Vegas: We are both dynamic and visionary; we both want to provide attainable housing in the downtown area; and we both want to work together as a team not only for ourselves, but for the good of the city.

Urban Lofts has helped to transform the urban cores of major cities like Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. Our design, coupled with practical materials, have allowed us to keep our pricing down and opened the door to urban-minded people from all walks of life to realize the American Dream of home ownership.

With the opening of our new project, The Fremont Street Townhomes, we will continue to not only share the vision, but to participate in the future of the downtown redevelopment of Las Vegas!

Thank you!