Loved Our Experience

“We have loved our experience with Urban Lofts. They made us feel comfortable through every step of the home-buying process. This is our first home, and we could not have asked to work with a better builder.”

—Atul and Tricia Agrawal

Most Interesting

“With everything going up, Urban Lofts Townhomes are the most interesting. I love the look, and I love the metal. There was nothing different out there. This just blows everything else away.”

—Owner of three units, two of which are investments

We Were Thrilled

“We were thrilled to find something modern with an open, loft-style plan that was affordable. We love the interior and the galvanized aluminum on the exterior.”

—A doctor and an engineer married couple

Fell in Love

“We fell in love with our townhome the second we saw it. We like the concrete floors downstairs and the wood floors upstairs. We also like the layout. It’s just what we were looking for.”

—Young professional couple

Generous Use of Space

“We like the way the skylights flood all the rooms, including the bathroom, with light. We also love the generous use of space.”

—A couple who own an art gallery

Open and Bright

“The design is spectacular—it’s so open and bright. It is a unique canvas against which to display my eclectic furnishings, which include leather and velvet sofas and chairs, antique rugs and some Beidermeyer pieces.”

—A Houston anesthesiologist

You Guys Did Great

“We love the architecture and the floor plan. Plus, the location was great. You guys did great.”

—Jamie Joines


“I love my house.”

—Michael Spears

Perfect for Parties

“[The house] is perfect for parties and entertaining. Many of our friends, co-workers, and acquaintances…are amazed the first time they enter, since the unusual, understated exterior gives no clues to the wide open interior. It’s fun to hear the ‘ooh’ and ‘ahs’ or to hear them go ‘WOW.’ Many of these people have very traditional taste in homes and decorating, yet they love the house.”

—Thomas and Pauline Forrister

Price Much Better

“Price for overall amenities and features for a modern layout was much better than the other builders.”

—Crystal Rich

Eye Appeal

“I really think they are cool. They have eye appeal.”

—Self-employed single man who likes to entertain

Incredibly Well Built

“We returned home after Hurricane Ike and were surprised to find no damage whatsoever. It’s an incredibly well built home.”

—Young East End couple

The Whole Package

“We looked in Houston for over a year, and only Urban Lofts offered us the whole package: the unit is well built, affordable, sleek and modern. The loft-style open floor plan affords us ample space, and somehow every room is bathed in natural light. We love our new home!”

—Two university professors and their four-year-old daughter

Great Results

“I have had great results with the follow up on maintenance issues.”

—Houston realtor and Urban Loft owner

The Perfect Canvas

“I believe your residence should be a reflection of your character—the place you feel most alive, at home, and inspired. The open architecture, the vaulted ceilings, and the incredible natural light throughout made the decision to purchase an Urban Loft an easy one. My home is the perfect canvas for my art collection and has become a gathering place for my downtown friends. My fellow neighbors and I have created a community that we love.”

—Trinity Schlottman, Urban Lofts/Las Vegas Division Manager

Urban Oasis

“I’m extremely impressed with this uniquely designed modern townhome! There are a number of builders in this thriving Metropolitan but very few that match the upgrades, value, and price for a product that Urban Loft delivers! I love my Urban Oasis!”

—Sydnor Street homeowner

A Good Investment

“Modern design at a good price point in a gated community with close proximity to the strip. It’s a good investment! ”

—Fremont Street (Las Vegas) Homeowner